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⬆ Earlier this year we chronicled the rise of the Indie Sleaze trend – the early 2010s tumblr era of winged eyelashes and brush backed hair – now we’re seeing another 2010s reference through the Teenage Dirtbag trend on TikTok. Think all things neon, a snapback cap worn backwards and shutter glasses, fashion really did slip back then but nostalgia is keeping it cool!

⬆ After grueling days in the Capitol trying to get his Senate colleagues to vote for his amendments to the IRA Bill, Bernie Sanders was tired. A picture was taken of the king sitting on the Capitol steps, and it instantly became a meme with 100k+ likes.

⬆ TikTok’s latest trend fights back against fat shaming – upending an occurrence of the early days of the internet where fat shaming was common across forums and posts. It started when a trend started with people wearing baggy clothes with phrases like “bet she’s fat under those clothes” appearing in the video to then revealing a slimmer figure. Others then took over the trend, refusing to show a slimmer figure taking a stand against whatever people are wearing. Fat shaming really has no place on the internet.

⬇This week, a CEO posted a picture of himself crying after having to lay off staff. The reception was mixed, but mostly negative. Gen Z was definitely not here for it. We get that layoffs are difficult choices, but it’s just plain weird to share pictures crying on social platforms garnering sympathy when others have lost their jobs. Tone deaf much?

⬇ Mattel has slapped a Nicki Minaj collaborator with a lawsuit. Minaj worked with Rap Snacks, a snack brand that celebrates hip hop artists, on a range of chips last year. The brand used the Barbie iconography – something Minaj has taken on as part of her artist branding – on their snacks and Mattel isn’t happy to see it.

⬇ Real Housewives cast member Kathy Hilton was on Watch What Happens Live when Andy Cohen had her name famous faces. When shown Lizzo, she said it was Precious – the 2009 namesake film character played by Gabby Sidibe. People weren’t happy, calling it ‘fatphobic’ and playing into offensive tropes. Even if she didn’t know who it was to say that Sidibe and Lizzo look anything alike other than they’re larger Black women. A message to anyone that’s listening – don’t do this.

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