⬆ If you hadn’t realized, Little Miss has been trending across the internet over the last week. It’s basically what’s your brand or worst habit? Add Little Miss in front of it and you’ve got your little miss meme. I’m Little Miss Eats Too Many Croissant Then Complains About Feeling Sick.

⬆ Keke Palmer is the moment, forever. As the lead in Jordan Peele’s new film, Nope, Palmer is being reintroduced to audiences again. Any Disney/Nickelodeon kid of the 00s will know of her but now she’s really taking off. A viral tweet compared her career to Zendaya’s, noting the colorism that possibly exists in their level of mainstream success, and Miss Keke was not having it. She touted her successes over the years, don’t be taking her shine away!

⬆ The new Black Panther trailer was released this week. The first film was a generation defining blockbuster that shattered expectations, and it looks like the next one will live upto its standard. We cannot wait!

⬇ A Pink Sauce has gone viral on TikTok with the creator racking up the sales, but with the sauce having some dodgy labels and terrible packaging it’s not looking good for her. Read more here

⬇ Logan Paul gave his opinion on Jordan Peele’s latest release in a long Twitter thread,he got ratio’d with a tweet that said nobody cares about his opinion. Oops.

⬇ A video went viral across social that compared a scene from the Netflix’s hit film, Don’t Look Up, to a real life news report. The film scene showed news presenters brushing off climate concerns, while the real life news presenters told a meteorologist to stop the doom and gloom in response to historic heatwave temperatures this past week. We 👉literally👈 can’t believe this is still happening.

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