Week of June 27th

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⬆ Gen Z superstar Olivia Rodrigo appeared at British festival Glastonbury this week. The star called out all the Supreme Court justices by name, then proceeded to sing Lily Allen’s infamous song ‘F*ck You’. You can believe the crowd went wild. She wasn’t alone in condemning this – Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion and even Lorde were among those that addressed the decision.

⬆ Khabe Lame is now the most followed TikToker displacing reigning queen Charli D’amelio. The Senegalese creator has amassed more than 143m followers. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing this name more.

⬆ Horace is a viral TikTok character that’s across everyone’s videos these days, and he’s a pretty good dance partner!

⬆ Amazon is releasing a new feature for their Alexa devices wherein a person can upload their voice to the device, and it will allow AI to give people the opportunity to talk to a loved one’s voice even after they die. Not sure this is entirely a good thing…

⬇ Harry Potter writer JK Rowling was pranked this week by someone pretending to be Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The pranksters said that they’d written ‘Avacadavra’ – the infamous death spell from Harry Potter – on the weapons sent into Russia. She got excited, and even finished saying the spell when the prankster couldn’t finish it. Not a great week for her.

⬇ An article about a couple starting their own Airbnb empire went viral this week as someone on social media commented about how unethical it was. They had 14 properties that they were renting out – in this housing climate with younger generations priced out the market, it’s not cute.

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