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⬆ Hot (Pink) Trend Alert – it’s Barbiecore!

Hot pink snaps and peeks of Greta Gerwig’s latest ‘Barbie’ project, starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie, has been all over social media over the last couple of weeks. While the film isn’t released until next July, the pictures have excited and inspired us all. Megan Fox made an appearance recently in a totally hot pink look, we’re thinking that Barbiecore is the next style trend you won’t want to miss.

⬆ New influencer status: Creative Director..

This week, Supermodel Kate Moss was announced as Diet Coke’s new Creative Director. This comes hot on the heels of many other influencers and stars being tapped to take boardroom roles like this, including Cardi B at Playboy or Emma Chamberlain at Bad Habit. Brands are tapping into the creator economy by bringing people with influence to partner with them. It’s truly is the future of getting above the noise.

⬆ Gen Zer to receive Medal of Freedom 😀

Simone Biles is set to receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom this coming week. The superstar gymnast has really made a name for herself after wowing crowds at the Olympics and is currently tied for the most medals won by an American gymnast. What an honor!

⬆ Fake Drake banned from Insta lol

A Drake look-a-like was banned from Instagram this week. Referring to himself as Izzy Drake, playing off the rapper’s nickname Drizzy, the doppelganger challenged Drake to a celebrity boxing match if he wanted the impersonation to stop and claims he has to walk around with security to protect himself from crazy fans, though it’s not known why Instagram closed his account. He’s playing a top meme, and we’re just here to watch.

⬇ Marvel sends out a big apology D:

Marvel had to send out an apology this week as they fell into hot water. Their latest edition of the ‘What If?’ series recently depicted black character Miles Morales as Thor, and readers complained that the comic was laced with tone-deaf depictions of African Americans. Miles is described with rhyming verses like “Asgard is his hood” and has a graffiti-covered Mjolnir while exclaiming “Hammer time!”. The caricature was not cool.

⬇ Insta videos are officially OUT!

Instagram has already made its intentions to be a video-first platform very clear after its halo as the go-to app for younger generations was taken by TikTok. Now, we’re starting to see the real changes after they introduced Reels to the app last year. Instagram is phasing out simple square videos in favor of Reels-style full-screen videos. They’ve also rolled out their new scroll format that also mimics TikTok’s scroll-to-view look. Instagram slowly wearing a TikTok mask is a bit eery – keep your individuality, Instagram, you’re special as you are!

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