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⬆ People are sick of corporations using Pride to pinkwash their harmful activities and seeing it as a PR opportunity. One way that businesses have used Pride as a smokescreen for their activities is by partnering with queer influencers – this is being ridiculed through this meme. Lol with us by searching ‘As a gay teen…’ on Twitter.

⬆ British icon Kate Bush has seen her classic hit ‘Running Up That Hill’ jump in the charts after it featured in the new season of ‘Stranger Things’. It introduced the indie-pop star to a new generation of listeners, and she’s grateful for it.

⬆ The British version of Love Island is back. The OG star of the new coming of dating shows is ready for its new season – what’s different this year? Instead of partnering with fast fashion retailers as in past years, the show is partnering with Ebay to focus on rewearing and upcycling old clothes. Not only this, the promo pics for the contestants were left untouched. As a behemoth of a show, it’s using its influence for good – you love to see it.

⬇ Kim K has said that she would try eating poop if it would make her look younger. Her comments brought on a predictable onslaught of remarks, we believe everyone should feel good with how they look, but if she wants to look like us – we’re here for it!

⬇ One Direction’s Liam Payne has truly become a meme – and not in the good sense. The pop singer was on Jake Paul’s podcast claiming that he’s the best selling band member post-1D, popular culture blogs disproved this claim not long after. This comes after his recent confused accent video from the Oscars that we were just WTF about!

⬇ Months on from the Oscars slap, we’re still seeing comments about it coming up in the news – Jada Pinkett-Smith and Vivica Fox recently talked about it so it came back in the news. We say let’s move on from the event, let them heal behind closed doors and make good – we don’t need to keep hearing about the tragic episode.

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