This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of June 7th

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⏫ Gen Z icon finally drops long-awaited third album details…

Lorde is finally back! Her risque album cover, Solar Power, dropped on Monday and fans are going wild. We can’t wait to see all of the re-creations.

This late-night TV throwback is inspiring cinematic TikTokers

Adult Swim, known for early-AM reruns of Family Guy and (my favorite) Cowboy Bebop, is popping up all over everyone’s FYP. Creators are recreating their quirky ‘bumpers,’ or commercial breaks, with the classic [as] logo. Watch one of my favorites!

⏫ Simone Biles just became even more iconic with her recent title…

Our favorite Gen Z gymnast just won her 7th U.S. championship title, breaking yet another record. This is just off the heels of her debuting a new move only a few weeks back…we can’t wait to see her back at the Olympics!

⏬ This podcast may have just reached the end of an era…

Co-host Trisha Paytas just released a YouTube video announcing she is stepping down from podcast Frenemies, also hosted by YouTuber Ethan Klein. Fans of the podcast are distraught.

⏬ Controversial YouTuber gets in the ring with all-star Floyd Mayweather 

Logan Paul went head-to-head wit Mayweather in the boxing ring during Sunday’s Fight Night down in Florida. The fight was considered lackluster by audiences with no knockout. In the end, Paul and Mayweather made millions and we didn’t even get a winner. SMH.

⏬ This governor blasts critical race theory in state education

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp tweeted how “critical race theory has no home in Georgia schools,” joining other politicians who view the study as “dangerous” and “divisive”. Georgia citizens are now rallying against the measure, saying that not talking about racism will further exacerbate white supremacy.

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