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Week of June 14th

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⏫ The latest app for sharing photos – but never of yourself!

Posting photos of yourself? So two weeks ago. As the trend of candid, casual Instagramming explodes, the app Poparazzi, where you share candid photos of your friends rather than yourself, has been blowing up with Gen Z.

The summer has TikTokers turning into hopeless romantics – see how! 

 The “green flags” trend demonstrates the opposite of red flags, or things their partners do that concern them. Green flags celebrate the cute things that people love about their romantic interests, and we think it’s the perfect light dose of content for summer.

⏫ Netflix’s latest “comedy” special or existential crisis?

Comedian Bo Burnham is back, but his latest special is hardly just comedy. Inside explores the stress of being stuck inside for quarantine and the very real impacts the pandemic has had on mental health. Sounds from the show have been huge on TikTok. We hope Bo’s doing okay, because we certainly aren’t. 

⏬ This pop star is being called out for ‘queerbaiting’

Popstar Billie Eilish is called out for ‘queerbaiting’ after captioning a sexualized Instagram post “I love girls.” Eilish isn’t openly queer, which community advocates argue means she is unfairly profiting off of the attention of the month, using Sapphic imagery to her benefit. 

⏬ A new way of hiring gets mixed reviews from Gen Z… 

TikTok is starting a hiring platform, and it’s getting mixed reviews. Some argue that it excludes those who are less tech-savy or could prioritize applicants with nicer, more expensive camera setups. Consultant Walker Williams, 18, argues another angle – ”While I don’t think that I would use a TikTok-based job application platform, I can imagine that it’s useful to Gen Zers who don’t have someone in their life who can help with resumes, cover letters, etc. For a lot of people, this could be a great way to get an internship or job.”

⏬ How brands are making the mark on Pride – and how to do better!

As per the usual, some brands are missing the mark on Pride marketing, and rainbow-washing rather than making substantive efforts for the queer community. It’s not all bad though – Chipotle and Converse are winning big with pride collections that are truly resonant with Gen-Z  – and give directly back to the community.

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