This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of June 21st

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⏫ The iCarly reboot gave us what we wanted and more

Amidst the Y2K revival and Friends reunion, this iconic Gen Z childhood show’s comeback did not disappoint. It truly lived the iCarly vibe with a sleek maturity that accepts the original audience has simply grown up. Next, we’d like that Lizzie McGuire reboot please!

Swifties are excited as Taylor announces next album

Taylor Swift has announced that the next album she’ll be re-releasing will be 2012’s Red. This fall, we’ll surely be looking out windows and reminiscing about simpler times!

⏫ TikTok really is making ‘Dreams’ come true for its viral stars

Nathan Apodaca went viral nearly a year ago for his laidback video that defined the chill vibe we all wanted during lockdown. The TikTok star has now launched his own cranberry-flavored alcoholic beverage. 

⏬ The Victoria’s Secret relaunch has already hit a snag

Embattled lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret launched a rebrand after years of slashed sales, but their new ambassador,soccer star Megan Rapinoe, apologized for 10-year old tweets that were deemed ‘racist’.

⏬ In The Heights box office slump as it faces colorism accusations

A film lauded for its storytelling and described as ‘so exuberant and full of life’ has taken a nosedive after criticisms of colorism hit its cast and crew. The lack of Afro-Caribbeans in the film about a predominantly Afro-Caribbean neighborhood was disheartening.

⏬ The white women cry trend is problematic

Videos of predominantly white women on TikTok ugly-face crying then morphing their expression into a suggestively insidious smile has thrown many people off. It brought to light the legacy of fake crying to falsely accuse innocent people of crimes. Truly a no from us.

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