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Week of June 21st

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⏫ The new language of TikTok? Simlish.

The Sim agenda is taking over the world. With well-defined cultures growing around games like Fortnite, EA – publisher of The Sims – is promoting the eccentric language of the game with popstar Bebe Rexha even recording her songs in it. To that, we say ‘Sul Sul’!

⏫ #FreeBritney has gone from meme to movement

Gen Z has been on the #FreeBritney train for a while, but this week many celebs finally spoke up publicly. Witnessing the pop star’s turbulent years in our formative years and subsequent learning of her disempowerment through her conservatorship, it’s a cause as vital as mental health.

⏫ The furry dating show that’ll be the source of all future memes

On the back of releasing their risque dating show, Too Hot To Handle, Netflix has announced a new dating show with furry animals. Sexy Beasts will see contestants be made up as furry animals, the memes have already made us lol!

⏬ Burnout is out as this company commits to mental wellbeing

Bumble, the millennial-led dating app, announced that they would be giving all their employees a week’s paid leave, fully embracing and prioritising wellbeing. Although it could be deemed costly, the well-being and productivity losses from not doing it could be more detrimental. Work/life balance is a key Gen Z demand too!

⏬ Survey says… Capitalism falling out favor with Gen Z

In Axios’ latest survey, capitalism is seen more negatively by Gen Z (54%) than positively (42%), with socialism on the rise – a marked decline came from Gen Z Republicans seeing a 14% drop in the last two years. The system just isn’t working anymore.

⏬ Kendall Jenner saying fame made her career ‘harder’

In the final edition of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that aired this week, Kendall Jenner complained that too many people credited her success as a model to the show itself, she was adamant that she ‘worked hard too’. The lack of awareness of how connections helped her career really got the internet mad!

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