This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of July 5th

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⏫ Gen Z icon giving away $1m dollars worth of therapy

Ariana Grande announced a partnership with mental health organization, Better Help, to give away therapy sessions for free. We stan!

⏫ Weight loss ads are banned from this platform!

Pinterest has become the first tech platform to ban weight loss ads. Body positivity for the win.

⏫ Memes from this tech CEO’s independence video

Mark Zuckerberg posted a video on Instagram for 4th of July celebrations – it’s a clip that’s launched a thousand memes!

⏬ Zendaya – a homewrecker?!

This week, the long-rumored relationship between Zendaya and her Spiderman co-star Tom Holland was confirmed as they were caught kissing. In the past, the internet started a meme putting Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland together and now they’re calling Zendaya a ‘home-wrecker’. Truly, it’s all for fun!

⏬ The portal to hell is why Gen Z fights for the climate

An oil pipe burst in the Gulf of Mexico, which truly looked like a ‘portal into hell’. In a week where a town burned to the ground due to intense heats and climate scientists warning that we’re on the precipice of irreversible climate devastation – we’re not playing anymore.

⏬ The live-action Clifford really is scary!

The trailer for the live action adaptation of Clifford, a Gen Z staple childhood show, was released this week. Despite being in our 20s, we’re actually scared of Clifford now!

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