This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of July 19th

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⏫ What’s Americacore?!

In true parodical Gen Z style, Americacore is taking over TikTok. Many influencers fetishise East Asian cultures in the name of ‘aesthetics’ so TikTokers are filming themselves going into Walmart and eating Goldfish crackers to poke fun at the notion of Americacore. It’s a meme!

⏫ Olivia Rodrigo for President!

Gen Z Woman of the Hour, Olivia Rodrigo was at the White House this week after being enlisted by the Biden administration to promote the vaccine effort. If the records she broke this week are anything to go by, Gen Z will be fully vaccinated by the end of the summer!

⏫ Netflix playing the long game…

As gaming culture has grown more powerful, Netflix wants a piece of that pie. We’re excited, but they better be good.

⏬ Gen Z’s reaction to this Fleeting feature..

When Twitter announced that it would be getting rid of Fleets this week, Gen Z’s reaction ranged from indifference to actual celebration. Just stick to the tweet tweet!

⏬ Facebook hiring influencers to stay relevant!

Facebook is spending $1 billion on influencers to promote their products as they feel the threat of TikTok and YouTube biting at their heels. Who said Facebook was the king of social?!

⏬ Chrissy Teigan coins the ‘Cancel Club’.

The eagerly outspoken Chrissy Teigan got herself into drama recently and felt the brunt of the cancel culture she’s pushed in the past. The model is now looking to form the ‘Cancel Club’!

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