This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of July 26th

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⏫ You get a blue tick, we all get a blue tick…

Idris Elba wants to give everyone a blue tick. Once a reserve for famous faces and public figures, there’s an increasing push for social media platforms to require users verify their identity to ensure accountability. While the idea is fair in principle, it also takes away the vital privacy that some marginalised groups rely on.

⏫ Sports team: New name, new us!

Baseball team Cleveland Indians will be known as the Cleveland Guardian after the 2021 season – a sign of a turning tide for sports teams to move on from controversial pasts. We love to see it.

⏫ Lil Nas X is twerking for charity

We talk about Lil Nas X a lot on the Screenshot but how can we not! He just knows how to stay in headlines – this time he’s twerking naked in his new music video (dw, it’s censored!) to raise money for the Bail Project. Social good never looked so hot!

TikTok says Crypt-NO!

TikTok is banning influencers from promoting cryptocurrency on the app. With crypto scams really a dime a dozen across socials, the platform is standing up to ensure vulnerable Gen Zers don’t get sucked in. Kudos to them.

⏬ Who could dislike Twitter’s new feature?

Twitter is rolling out a dislike button for tweet replies – it takes ratio to another level.

⏬ Tokyo anti-sex beds are fake news..

It was reported that athletes beds at the Tokyo Olympics were ‘anti-sex’ and would fall apart with too much movement. To test the claim, Gen Z Olympic hopefuls shared videos jumping on the beds – lo and behold they were fine!

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