This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of Aug 2nd

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⏫ Billie is back, no flop

Billie Eilish’s second album, Happier Than Ever, dropped this week, cementing her status as a generational icon. Releasing it on Spotify, the star gave fans the chance to listen through 3 handcrafted and innovative ways. She’s our past, present and future!

⏫ TikTok creators fight for dance copyright

TikTok creators are looking to own their dance moves. Many early internet creators have looked on as their labor has been co-opted and given others platforms while they’ve been left uncredited and forgotten. This is going to change in the future of the creator economy!

⏫ Square buys BNPL start-up

Square has paid out for Buy Now, Pay Later player Afterpay. The finance method has found success with Gen Zers opting for the flexible method to fulfil our needs and wants. We’re saying it’s a good bet!

DaBaby? More like YaCancelled

Fresh off being kicked off the Lollapalooza line-up, DaBaby has now been uninvited to the NY Governor’s Ball Music Fest. The rapper found himself in hot water a homophobic rant about HIV during a concert. Former collaborator Dua Lipa and Madonna spoke out. Actions and consequences, ya Baby!

⏬ Robinhood’s rocky but underestimated IPO

Trading platform Robinhood’s IPO finally went ahead this week. The platform ballooned with Gen Z over the pandemic, and despite a slowdown in growth, the app’s accessibility gives it the best chance to create the greatest number of Gen Z armchair investors. 

⏬ Lil Nas X’s 1m dislikes.. and he’s celebrating

The internet’s biggest trolling popstar is actually celebrating his first 1m dislikes on his video. He really is the main character.

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