This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of Aug 9th

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⏫ World’s first museum dedicated to a Gen Z pastime!

The World’s newest museum is dedicated to memes, memes and more memes. They say life imitates art but really art imitates memes.

⏫ Apartment amenities to include TikTok studio?!

After pandemic lulls in rental income, apartment buildings across the US are setting up dedicated TikTok studio rooms to lure in Gen Zers. Who needs a communal laundry room anymore?

⏫ Gen Zer is first trans woman on VOGUE cover…

Ariel Nicholson has made history becoming the first trans woman to grace the cover of VOGUE magazine. While elated, Nicholson soberly said that “there are limits to what ‘representation’ can do” but iterated the importance of protecting trans people of all backgrounds.

Are people showering anymore?

If you’ve stepped foot on social media this week, you’ll have seen that a few celebs have admitted to dodgy showering habits, some waiting for ‘The Stink’ to come before going under the water. The Rock has stood up for what’s right though!

⏬ Gen Z’s fave child stars speaking up…

In the past few months, a string of child stars have spoken up about their acting experiences. From Alyson Stoner in April to Selena Gomez this week, they admit to regrets about their experience. Listen to Alyson Stoner’s heartfelt plea for more care and consideration for child actors.

⏬ Viral video shows the walls of a chain smoker!

This video of a cleaner steaming the house of a chain smoker has gone viral on TikTok… it’s disgusting but also satisfying – think we might be a little conflicted.

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