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Week of Aug 18th

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⏫ K-pop to get the Parasite treatment

Parasite producer, Miky Lee, is working on a new film that will be inspired by K-pop’s ascent to global cultural superstardom. Whatever the plot, we’re here for it!

⏫ Britney is finally free!

Jamie Spears finally said he’s stepping away as Britney’s conservator. A win for Britney first and foremost, but also for Gen Z as we’ve been raising the alarm for a while.

⏫ The world’s most Supreme transport system

You don’t need to be a sneaker buff to know how much Supreme loves their collabs, this time they’ve taken it back to the streets and appeared on a New York subway train. Outlandish, yes. Does it beat their Oreo collab? The jury is still out.

Gen Z star faces homophobia after coming out

Joshua Bassett came out as queer in May and was shocked at how many homophobic comments he faced after being ‘straight’-passing until his announcement. We really still have a long way to go, he says.

⏬ Representation erasure in Mattel’s new dolls

Mattel has worked to bring the Barbie brand into the 21st century, however they made a mistake on their Olympics range when they missed out an Asian doll. Many people raised how careless this looked with the Games being hosted in Japan this year. Do better!

⏬ A tour of Boohoo’s fast fashion factories

After allegations of slave labor, Boohoo has opened the doors of their factory in England to show that they are more responsible than the headlines say. We’re still not convinced.

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