This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of Aug 30th

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⏫ Airbnb is doing what we mean by “real activism”

After the tense situation in Afghanistan, Airbnb has announced that they’re offering free housing to 20k Afghan refugees. While many brands may talk of supporting causes, this is what we need brands to do to show up for underprivileged groups.

⏫ It’s been a week of internet doppelgangers

This week, the internet raved about not one but two doppelgangers – Cardi B and John Cena. Maybe a career in stunt doubling or Cameo appearances beckons for these two lookalikes!

⏫ TikTok’s musical influence is being cemented

As a platform influencing musical trends, TikTok has launched TikTok Radio. It’s looking like Radio will make the stars rather than kill them!

Kim K listening to Donda on mute (oops!)

Kanye West’s hotly-anticipated album, Donda, was finally released this past week. In a show of support for her estranged husband, Kim K posted tracks on the story but the sound was all the way down to zero. Mistake or intentional?

⏬ Onlyfans backtracks on their recent announcement

Onlyfans has had a year of it, from making headlines with celebrity users and being mentioned in a Beyonce song, it’s been wild. After announcing that they would ban ‘adult content’ from their platform in an attempt to gain mainstream acceptance, a backlash from its creators got them backtracking. They’re sorry but it might not be enough!

⏬ Olivia Rodrigo paying up for her songs

Gen Z superstar Olivia Rodrigo has been made to add credits to her single ‘good 4 u’ after it was said that it sounded very similar to Paramore’s ‘Misery Business’, with other claims in the pipeline. Other stars have come out in support of her artistry with Elvis Costello, who’s song ‘Pump It Up’ was claimed to have been copied, saying: “It’s how rock and roll works”.

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