This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of Sept 7th

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⏫ Gen Z power couple making our spidey senses tingling

Tom Holland and Zendaya are Gen Z’s newest and hottest power couple. Holland called Zendaya his ‘MJ’ in an Instagram post, hearts broke and fluttered across the world!

⏫ Certified Lover Boy isn’t just an album, it’s a meme

Drake’s latest album cover has triggered memes that have had us laughing and astonished in equal quantities. Memes from Adobe, Lil Nas X and others, its creator Damien Hirst has made a cover for the internet age!

⏫ #SummerRecap got us in our feels

#SummerRecap is a hot trend on TikTok right now, we’re watching them and totally wanting it to be June all over again. 

Texas anti-choice laws come down hard

This week, an anti-choice Texas law was affirmed by the Supreme Court, putting women’s right to choose across the country at risk. Website hosting company GoDaddy took down the site of an organization that encourages supporters to report people who get or perform abortions after six weeks. We’re pleased to see brands standing up for freedom!

⏬ Beyonce getting stung by critics

Beyonce’s recent Tiffany campaign saw her criticised for wearing the infamous Tiffany Diamond, which is said to be a blood diamond mined in colonial South Africa. Though the brand disputes this. With a Basquiat painting in the background, Basquiat’s collaborators have denounced the campaign too now. It’s definitely getting tongues moving!

⏬ Mega artist decries flopping on TikTok

Radiohead frontman, Thom Yorke, voiced his frustrations for not going viral on TikTok after his attempt on the platform earlier this year. You need ‘clearly you needed to do something more like dogs dancing or whatever the fuck it is’, the star joked.

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