This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of Sept 13th

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⏫ Emma Raducanu, the Gen Z Champion

This weekend, Emma Raducanu soared to the top of the headlines as she became the youngest tennis player to win the US Open. She’s the champion of the court and the winner of our hearts!

⏫ Met Gala had the most… 

We’ve been judging Met Gala looks fresh off the red carpet all morning, but the biggest thing that stood out (apart from Iman’s sun-inspired look) was the number of Black designers who dressed the stars this year!

⏫ The most groundbreaking NYFW runway ever

Moschino was back at New York Fashion Week after their two-year digital break. They truly came to represent the best in fashion. Their first act? Open the doors for disabled representation as Aaron Philip took to the runway in a glorious outfit!

Activist Idol? Masked Activist? No thank you!

The Activist is a new show announced by CBS, as the newest ‘talent show’ on a mission to find the next best ‘activist’. In each episode contestants will have to show they have what it takes to give their cause the spotlight. The show has been slammed as ‘dystopian’ and ‘tasteless’.

⏬ ‘Licking’ school items trending on TikTok

The Lick trend is taking over some parts of TikTok but it doesn’t mean what you think it does. ‘Lick’ in Gen Z slang means ‘to steal’, so students have been picking up random items like sanitizer dispensers and COVID tests to see how many they can get away with.

⏬ No shade to FB but those glasses aren’t it!

Facebook announced they’re partnering with Rayban to bring a pair of smart glasses into existence. Snap already tried that and failed.. And we’re still not convinced!

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