This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of Sept 20th

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⏫ Lil Nas X finally gives birth!

Lil Nas X’s long-awaited debut album was released this week. The Gen Z superstar released Montero and that’s all anyone’s obsessed about. Alongside the chart-topping album, he’s started a fundraising drive for charity. This is why we love this king!

⏫ EA opens doors for gaming accessibility

EA is opening up its patents to everyone… yes everyone! They are allowing developers to use their IP royalty-free to make games more inclusive. We’re here for it!

⏫ Digital detoxes go A-list

This week, Britney and Lana Del Rey deactivated their Instagram accounts. Lana claimed she needed more privacy, while Britney just needed a break and is now back. Remember Gen Z is leading the way with digital detoxes with young people being 5x more likely than Baby Boomers to have taken at least one digital detox, now it’s going mainstream. Do you need another reason to believe what Gen Z does today, everyone will be doing tomorrow?

Nicki Minaj vs the British government

After not attending the Met Gala due to the vaccine requirement, Nicki Minaj went into an epic battle with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the UK’s Chief Medical Officer after they were asked about her comments on vaccine hesitancy. We were here for the memes, but also wary of how vaccine uptake needs more encouragement, not more doubt!

⏬ Nikita Dragun’s shameful use of trans women

Nikita Dragun was criticised for her use of trans women who’ve passed away to promote new music. No stranger to controversy, the social media influencer wrote DICK on their faces and posted them across social media. Not cool sis.

⏬ Jojo Siwa being treated ‘like a brand’

Jojo Siwa called out Nickelodeon for not treating her like a human being, but just a ‘brand’. In recent months, many child stars have come out to criticize people in positions of power for not looking after their best interests. Do better!

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