This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of Oct 3rd

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⏫ Squid Game has us gripped

The Squid Game is the TV show on everyone’s lips. The show is commonly perceived to be a critique of capitalism – a game (life) with illusory fairness (opportunities) where the winners and losers are based on luck (nepotism, connections etc). You know we’re living for all the symbolism!

⏫ TikTok getting into NFTs

NFTs have become all the rage this year. Now, TikTok has made a major push into monetizing its collection of viral digital moments. I know which one I’m getting!

⏫ Anti-vaxxers officially banned

Anti-vaxxers have been banned from YouTube. In a push to tackle misinformation, the platform will be banning creators who spread untruths about the vaccine. This reflects Gen Zers’ lack of appetite for indulging anti-vax with one-third of Gen Z cutting ties with a friend or family member who wouldn’t get the vaccine

Bond: No Time to Meme

Daniel Craig appeared on SNL in March 2020 where he had the task of introducing The Weeknd as the musical act saying “Ladies and gentlemen, the Weeknd”. A Twitter account has been posting a clip of that religiously every Friday ever since giving it meme status – The Weeknd even tweeted about it. However, the Bond actor only became aware of it this week. Guess he really has no time to meme!

⏬ The “Is her in love with her?” video

The hottest debate on TikTok has been over this clip of a girl surprise visiting her long-distance boyfriend, the comment section is convinced that he doesn’t love her and it’s spawned many videos on the reasons why they believe it. Madness!

⏬ Senator Finsta

This week, Senator Richard Blumenthal asked a Facebook exec to close the option of creating a ‘finsta’, convinced it was something that the company offered. Facepalm… he really should read the Screenshot more often!

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