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Week of Oct 11th

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⏫ Adele is here for ‘Call-in Culture’!

Last August, Adele was called out for appropriating Jamaican Buntu braids when attending the famous Notting Hill Carnival, now she’s endorsed call-in culture. In her recent Vogue interview, she said she didn’t “read the room”, acknowledging that she needed to take accountability for not being aware of the cultural history and impact. New music, new lessons – we’re ready for her return.

⏫ We’re Wonka for this Chalamet look

Timothee Chalamet posted a picture on Instagram giving us a first look at the Willy Wonka prequel. We’re suddenly in love with the Wonka purple and that top hat!

⏫ How far does Squid Game’s cultural capital go?

Squid Game has taken over Netflix… and its impact has been huge. From TikTok cookie cutting trends to sold out Vans, the merch is now on its way. Check out this alarm clock inspired by the ‘Red Light Green Light’ game – it’s sure to get you up in the morning.

Gen Z educational divide wider than ever…

The educational gap between young girls and boys has widened to the biggest it’s ever been, and Gen Z boys are losing out. Cutting across all races and backgrounds, Gen Z men are 19% behind their female counterparts in college applications, with two women having a degree to every male if the trend doesn’t reverse. 

⏬ Netflix in Pinkwashing scandal

Netflix has found itself in a bit of pink hot water. Dave Chapelle released his final Netflix special where the comedian called himself part of Team ‘TERF’ – standing for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, a movement that advocates for a reduction in trans rights. With trans lives at risk, Netflix has refused to take out the part. Matt Berstein, a LGBTQ+ activist pointed out the hypocrisy of corporations painting rainbows during Pride month and then not standing by the community when it means the most.

⏬ Anti-vax whispers on a Marvel set!

Antivax rumors have been floating around on the set of the new Black Panther film. Letitia Wright, who plays Shuri, was criticized last year for sharing an anti-vax video on social media, but it seems she’s still passing on the misinformation. Ouch!

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