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Week of Nov 1st

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⏫ Steve Buschemi wins Halloween!

Buscemi dressed as his signature meme reminiscent of how many brands approach Gen Z marketing with his tagline, “How do you do, fellow kids?”. We love to see it, but don’t try this yourself – let Steve do his thing, you can find out what we’re really saying from the Screenshot!

⏫  We’ve all Dune this meme

As Dune tops cinema release charts, this meme of Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya has been topping the meme leagues. In a screengrab of a press interview, Chalamet shows his Hulking spirit meanwhile Zendaya looks on unimpressed, of course, it’s been memeified and made relatable. 

⏫ AMC says ✨Accessibility✨

AMC will be showing films with open captions across its 240 cinemas. The move for the chain will open doors for deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, but also for those that have English as a second language. See, accessibility is easy when you look for true solutions!

Michael Myers called ‘homophobic’?!

Where there’s Gen Z, there’s not a meme far behind. In Michael Myers’ most recent outing in Halloween Kills *spoiler alert* he kills a gay couple at the end. In response to this, a meme has been taken by storm calling the character ‘homophobic’ – totally for meme reasons, not serious. Others did say he was an ‘equal opportunity’ murderer!

⏬ The Great Squid Game crypto scam

Another week, another mention of Squid Game – sorry not sorry! In the most 2021 event, a cryptocurrency was created off the back of popular TV series, Squid Game, the coin hit a peak of $2k and in a twist, scammers then proceeded to take off with the cash as investors weren’t able to sell their coins. Always invest with caution, peeps!

⏬ TikToker slammed for spreading lies

TikTok personality, Tana Mongeau was criticised this week after spreading rumors about Brian Landrie, the teen whose remains were recovered last week after he went missing. Mongeau claimed that Landrie was still alive and pulled a Joe Goldberg in reference to the main character from hit TV show, You. Authorities confirmed that the remains belonged to Landrie. This really is not the one!

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