This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of April 6th

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Vaccine 100% effective for Gen Zers!

This week, the news that the Pfizer COVID vaccine is 100% effective for 12-15 years olds brought us so much joy. More good news!

Gen Z in the (White) House!

We keep saying Gen Zers are making our marks on the world, but now we’re truly playing the big leagues. The Biden administration has hired these nascent Gen Zers. We love to see it.

⏫ Nerf is looking for a CTO (and no, the T isn’t for technology!)

Nerf put out an ad for a Chief TikTok Officer, and judging by their video ad attempt, they really do need it. Gen Zers assemble!

This mistake on Jimmy Fallon was baaaad…

TikToker-turned-pop star Addison Rae appeared on Jimmy Fallon, where she performed a series of TikTok dances. Quite a few the dances were choreographed by young Black women who didn’t receive their due credit, and people weren’t happy. Addison responded.

⏬ Our hearts are broken after this Bridgerton update!

Bridgeton hottie Regé-Jean Page won’t be returning for the second series of the break-out Netflix hit. Give us a moment as we mourn.

Britney responds to documentary promoted by Gen Z’s #FreeBritney campaign

#FreeBritney is a hashtag that Gen Z has been tweeting, posting and video-ing as Britney Spears has been in court to fight her father’s conservatorship. A documentary, Framing Britney Spears, came out about this, and Britney said she was ‘embarrassed’ by it.

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