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Week of Nov 8th

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⏫ Ready to play Stranger Things?

Netflix Games is coming to a phone near you. The streaming platform announced that it would be creating games out of its iconic TV shows and films a while back and that reality is finally coming to life. We’re here for it!

⏫  Manifest it on Twitter.. and it comes true

Years ago, Ariana Grande tweeted saying that she would love to play Glinda the Good Witch in a ‘role of a lifetime’. In a dream come true, she’s been announced as the star taking the role in Universal’s live adaptation! Manifesting does really come true.

⏫ This iconic Gen Z is now married!

Activist and all-round Gen Z icon, Malala, has gotten married. We wish her all the best in her new life!

This man wants to be everybody’s baby daddy

Saweetie tweeted out that she wanted ‘some babies’ this week, perpetual baby expectant Nick Cannon left a comment under her Instagram post as a way to volunteer. Isn’t having three children this year enough, man?!

⏬ Gen Z childhood faves being sold off

Childhood faves Alvin and the Chipmunks are being sold by their production company for $300m – an eye-watering cost – but in the age of streaming IPs and the trio’s past success, it’s sure to be a hit for whoever buys it. Streaming giants and private funds are already circling.

⏬ Death threats after this coming out?!

Last month, it was announced that Clark Kent’s son AKA the current comic superman would be coming out as bisexual with a love interest to rival Lois Lane. While many welcomed it, this caused an uproar with some fans, leading now to death threats for the writers. A little reminder that progress isn’t always guaranteed!

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