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Week of Nov 15th

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⏫ Have you been ‘Yassify’d’ yet?

Yassification is now an online epidemic! The meme of turning everyday pictures of people into striking glamazons with smoky eyes and big hair has taken over the internet, everyone from Einstein to Joe Biden have been given the treatment via YassifyBot on Twitter. It’s big lolz.

⏫  Roblox smashes expectations

Gaming platform Roblox fanatically loved by Gen Z smashed earnings expectations, storming to a 40% jump in its share price this week. The app hasn’t lost its growth after post-pandemic habit changes. It’s here to stay. 

⏫ Let’s celebrate Britney’s freedom!

It was an intergenerational effort to fight for Britney Spears’ emancipation from her conservatorship, but Gen Z’s persistent pressure to keep the media spotlight on the issue has now resulted in the superstar being ‘freed’ from the claws of a conservatorship that saw many of her rights taken away from her. We’re so pleased, so proud!

Musk takes on Gen Z’s honorary grandpa!

Over the weekend, Elon Musk took a hit at Bernie Sanders. Sanders, a constant champion for progressive policies and rightful causes, tweeted about billionaires paying their share of taxes in tax, which touched a nerve with Musk, whose wealth has grown by $272bn during the pandemic. Get over it, Muskie, you have to pay your fair share too!

⏬ Lil Nas X drama exploded on Maury

Chronic troller Lil Nas X will be appearing on Maury as an extension of the story from his ‘That’s What I Want’ music video. The teaser is explosive and looks like must-watch TV. Say what you want about Lil Nas, the dude knows how to stay in the headlines!

⏬ This is not how you do celeb endorsements…

Terry Crews appeared in a clip for Amazon showing the ‘good side’ of working at one of their warehouses. The video was blasted as many complained that it did not bear resemblance with what the much-fabled warehouses are like in reality with long hours and poor working conditions. Celebrity working in a warehouse – it looks and feels out-of-touch!

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