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Week of Nov 29th

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⏫ My name on Urban Dictionary says…

If you’ve been on Instagram this past week, you won’t have missed people turning into 13 year olds and sharing the user generated definitions for their names from Urban Dictionary. The viral trend told people they were sexy, others were  told they were downright the best people on Earth. Check yours here.

⏫  Gen Z sells out 1930s murder novel!

After a TikToker talked about 1930s murder novel – Cain’s Jawbone – the book sold out on Amazon and Unbound. The book gets readers to solve six murders and find their killers, and Gen Zers have turned their bedroom walls into clue maps. Let’s get justice!

⏫ Dua Lipa to compete with Screenshot?!

Ok maybe not direct competition, but she’s launching her own newsletter. In a week that popular creator platform Substack announced that it reached 1m paying subscribers, it’s clear newsletters are the medium leading the way. The Levitating hitmaker has announced she’ll be producing a free newsletter, Service95, which will include recommendations, thoughtful articles and activism.

Gen Z taught about ‘Poof chicken’!

Gen Zers were taught an important lesson on finding poof chickens when shopping for groceries. After a TikToker went into Walmart and found bags of chicken blown up like balloons, they taught us that it was left unrefrigerated for a while as the bag would’ve been full of gas. Salmonella? No thanks!

⏬ $9m Congressman using unpaid interns?!

Democratic representative Josh Gottheimer has been advertising unpaid internships for his offices. The congressman, who’s net worth is $9m, was subject to criticism as these internships favor those with the privilege and means to work for free. End this unfair and unreasonable practice now!

⏬ Omicron is a Crypto variant..

In the most 2021 thing to happen, there’s a new Covid variant billed as more alarming than the previous and a cryptocurrency with the same name shot up in value by 10x. It’s dropped in value as quick as it rose, but the meme potential of crypto is being cemented.

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