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Week of Dec 6th

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⏫ Coding Next Gen music videos

This week Doja Cat released her music video for ‘Woman’, which allowed viewers to use code elements in the video to suit their own taste. Partnering with Girls Who Code, the music video gives people the opportunity to change the color of a character’s nails and the time of day the video is set in – it really is an immersive experience in the next step for how music videos will continue to entertain us.

⏫  “Pull Up in the Sri Lanka”.. What?!

This is a line that’s been all over social media. After Real Housewives star Wendy Osefo claimed she was a Nicki Minaj fan and wrongly quoted this line from Nicki Minaj’s wildly popular feature in ‘Monster’, the game was up. It’s being used as a line for someone who claims to be an expert in something but really they’re faking it!

⏫ My Wrapped Audio Aura is…

As each year passes the more powerful Spotify Wrapped becomes and it came back with a bang! The weird and widely panned graphic design aside, there were some new and interesting elements to Wrapped this year after their introduction of funnily-named, genre-bending categories last year – like Bubblegrunge and Orgcore. This year, they’ve added an ‘Audio Aura’ determined by a data review of the music we listen to the most. It’s so much fun!

⏬ lol at this designer advent calendar

A video of a TikToker unboxing Chanel’s festive advent calendar was widely laughed at for how ridiculous the ‘surprises’ were. A dust cloth, perfume samples and string wrist bracelets were just a few of the items it contained, it definitely was not worth the $825 price tag.

⏬ Gen Z still fighting for women’s rights

After oral arguments in a case deemed to have the potential of overturning Roe vs Wade – the case that guarantees women the right to an abortion – it seems there’s a chance many states row back on women’s rights. As a generation most in support of women’s right to choose, Gen Zers are organizing, educating and fighting to protect this right.

⏬ The Meme comments to this tweet!

At a time when the Vice President’s office is pushing back against claims of disorganization in her camp, a staffer tweeted a picture saying how much he enjoyed working in the VP’s office. It was soon descended on as memes were made out of the picture, giving chuckles all around.

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