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Week of Dec 13th

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⏫ BTS say 👋 to fans…

BTS have decided to go on an extended break as the band have not rested since 2019! Talking about putting their mental health and importantly self-care first, the band will be back better than ever once they’ve had a bit of time. Rest easy boys.

⏫  Gen Z’s Savage icon finishes college!

Hot off the year that she won a Grammy with Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion has finally got her graduate degree. The rapper studied Health Administration before making it big and decided to finish her course as a tribute to her mother who died in 2019. Congrats to her!

⏫ “We used to be a proper country” meme

The “We used to be a proper country” meme has been spreading across Twitter. The meme that’s been going round has been making fun of the line as used unironically by nostalgia ridden people, often Trump supporters, and instead we remember the times like when Disney Channel had The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on it.

⏬ Gen Z takes down Kelloggs!

As Kelloggs put up a fight against unions, Gen Z really is showing how they can use the internet for social good. As Kelloggs fired workers and put out ads to replace them, Gen Zers filled the application portals with fake applications in protest. In a week where Gen Z Starbucks workers unionized, it’s clear that the September Gallup poll showing 77% of young people supporting unions was no blip.

⏬ Coachella rumored to drop Travis Scott

After his concert that saw people die in the audience, Travis Scott has become a pariah. If you haven’t heard what happened… The rapper hosted his Astroworld festival in Houston where people died of crushing, many people blamed him due to his record of inciting chaos at his gigs. Now, his Seltzer has been discontinued and Coachella is thinking of dropping him from the line-up. It’s not looking sunny in Astroworld.

⏬ IHOP boycott after this shocking letter…

An IHOP branch was found to have taped a letter disparaging the Biden administration for the worker shortage due to the stimulus checks; the store had reduced its opening times due to it. Within hours, a petition calling for the boycott of the store was making the rounds. It’s since been taken down.

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