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Week of Jan 10th

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⏫ Gen Z welcomes back chain mail

As Gen Z brought back the Y2K aesthetic in the last year or so, we’re starting 2022 with a throwback to the email and IM chainmail trend of the early 2000s. TikTokers have been compelling others to use the “I’m so lucky” audio clip and create their own video otherwise bad things may happen or alternatively good things may occur. It’s like a lucky dip!

⏫  Meet the Kris Jenner of FishTok

One thing you may not have expected to find out about in 2022 is Fishtok. Yes, there’s a whole part of TikTok dedicated to fish, and the star of it all is @LukesGoldies. This account has amassed a cult following, and with Luke calling himself the Kris Jenner of his flock in making his fish superstars. We love to see it!

⏫ HBO gets Euphoria with Gen Z drama

The second season of Gen Z fave drama Euphoria got off to a brilliant start, becoming the biggest premiere for HBO Max since it launched nearly two years ago. And to talk about the looks at the red carpet premiere, we were living!

Metaverse Walmart gets thumbs down

Though it was a clip from 2017, Walmart showed a version of what they think their stores in a metaverse would look like, and it was excruciatingly painful. From your personal store advisors to picking up products to inspect, we think we’ll give it a miss!

Jake Paul conned by card collector

Jake Paul threw down millions in return for collector’s Pokemon cards, but it wasn’t long until the internet told him they were actually fake, so he’s getting them checked out by an authenticator soon. The collector trend is rising, but no-one should get conned!

TikToker vomits live on breakfast TV

The TikToker who started the ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ conspiracy theory meme was on WGN News Chicago where he ended his appearance by pretending to vomit milk. The show cut to the weather unsure about what was happening, but we knew he was trolling. Outrageous gags (literally!) to bring attention to people is nothing new, it’s just now in the hands of Gen Z too.

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