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Week of Jan 24th

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⏫ Fifty Shades of… Euphoria?

Euphoria is firmly on our minds as a new episode drops week by week. We’re seeing Euphoria fan fiction taking over our TikTok For You Pages. Straight from the Fifty Shades & Wattpad fanfic playbook, could we see these creators’ stories and theories be incorporated into the show’s writing?

⏫  “Honey, I saved the house with an NFT”

When this couple’s home was at risk of foreclosure, the Gen Zer of the two created her own art and her other half used her software knowledge to build the NFT blockchain, in doing so they managed to make $120k on their art and save their ducklings from going homeless. The future is here!

⏫ Gen Z biz lands deal with Mark Cuban

Gen Zer Tanya Speaks appeared on Shark Tank to present her eponymous eyebrow grooming brand that she created in response to being bullied for her eyebrows. With a flawless pitch and assured confidence, the teen managed to secure a $400k investment for her business from Mark Cuban. Feeling inspired, he even asked her to talk to his own daughters!

The end of West Elm Caleb…

This week, there’s been a buzz about West Elm Caleb. If you haven’t heard of this man, he’s become a standard-bearer for all the ghosting nightmares of dating apps. Now, Gen Z dating app, Snack, has deprioritized serial ghosters by making them appear further down the stack of swipers. The campaign to end the West Elm Calebs of the world for the win.

No to this Black Mirror reality

Neuralink posted a job vacancy for a Clinical Trial Director to test the brain chip in humans after Elon Musk announced he wanted human trials by the end of 2022. Black Mirror is here and we’re kinda scared – “we can’t get a new season of black mirror because we’re LIVING it”.

Is Mars mocking Gen Z?!

Mars has announced its new M&M branding as it embarks on a new purposeful journey to create a world where everyone feels they belong, it’s cute! But on this, they’ve claimed the Orange character is most relatable to Gen Z because we’re the most anxious generation – yeah living your best years through recessions, pandemics and the social messiness of the internet does that to you. We’re more than our anxiousness you know!

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