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Week of Jan 31th

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⏫ The YouTube star turned Willy Wonka

Hot off his hugely successful MrBeast Burgers, this YouTube personality has launched his own chocolate brand – Feastibles – and in Willy Wonka fashion, he’s giving its buyers the opportunity to win $1m worth of prizes. He’s even giving 10 lucky people the opportunity to star in his ‘chocolate factory’ video going out to his 89m subscribers.

⏫  Gaming is only just getting started

Only last week, Microsoft bought gaming giant Activision Blizzard and this week it’s Sony buying up the makers of the much loved ‘Halo’ and ‘Destiny’ series, it’s been a big few weeks for gaming. There’s a clear appetite for the huge potential of legacy game properties as we explore the push into the metaverse and beyond. With the New York Times buying out Wordle in the last 24 hours, could we be seeing the start of something bigger?!

⏫ The Navy gets a baby announcement

Gen Zer Tanya Speaks appeared on Shark Tank to present her eponymous eyebrow Awaiting an album since 2016’s ANTi, Rihanna’s fans (commonly referred to as ‘the Navy’) have watched as the star has pursued different opportunities from her mega-popular beauty brand to her charitable efforts. Now, there’s another milestone growing as she’s revealed she’s pregnant. Congrats to her, though sorry to the Navy, R8 might be a little while away yet!

Another Joe Rogan headline…

Spotify has been under fire to take action in light of Joe Rogan’s anti-vax stance. Music legends like Neil Young and Joni Michele have asked for their music to be removed from the platform in protest. It seems Spotify has agreed to do so, putting out a new content policy and backing Rogan in the process.

⏬ Boomer comments on gender norms

Sean Penn spoke about what he believes is the cause of men confounding gender norms… ‘cowardly genes’. He said in being fair to women, we ‘don’t have to become them’. With the star having won an Oscar for his role as gay rights activist Harvey Milk, it really is a shame he didn’t take a nuanced stance on this and also a clear case in why representation in film matters.

Travis Scott petition cancelled

A petition calling for Travis Scott to headline Coachella next year appeared on However, not long after were the initial 70K signatures removed as the platform claimed they were fraudulent. Seems like a long shot, Astrofans.

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