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Week of Feb 14th

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⏫ Gen Z couple finally confirm?!

After weeks of are they, aren’t they… Euphoria stars Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike shared a kissing picture to their Instagram accounts and seemingly confirmed their status. This is the Valentine’s love we all wanted to see!

⏫  Deadnaming banned on TikTok!

TikTok has tightened its content guidelines to ban ‘deadnaming’ – the name Trans people had in their old lives – and ‘misgendering’ – using the wrong pronoun for people despite clear ways to recognize the correct one. It’s also putting a clear warning on content that promote conversion therapy. We welcome it!

⏫ Tinder takes Gen Z back to the 00s..

Bringing together Gen Z’s yearning for authentic connection and love for the early 00s cultural references, Tinder has rolled out a Blind Date feature across on its app to give Gen Zers a feel for what dating used to be like. Talking to someone romantically without seeing them, it’s revolutionary these days!

Ben & Jerry’s goes a step too far?

Outspoken ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s has a history of taking a stand on many socio-cultural and political issues. This week, they waded into the current issue in Ukraine, calling for de-escalation, and while the sentiment is appreciated, it seemed a little off-key for the brand to get into a complex issue like this.

⏬ Drill music ban is on the agenda

New York mayor Eric Adams wants drill music banned. The Gen Z-loved subgenre of rap is stereotyped as music full of violence with rappers wearing guns and balaclavas, however, this is an unfair portrayal, say prominent drill artists. It grew from a place of despair and economic hardship, rooted in the deprivation of inner cities, that these artists are trying to make their way through. There is some violence but it’s nothing new, and Gen Z is capable of nuance. We’ll wait to see what the ban will look like.

No to this Black History Month event!

TikTok hosted their Black History Month event recently with legendary rapper Nicki Minaj hosting. The event, held on Tuesday, was predominantly attended by non-Black creators to the exclusion of who the event was meant to be for – Black creators. It was tone-deaf. Nicki responded to the Black creators by saying she’d try and get something in for Black creators soon.

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