This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of Feb 22nd

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⏫ Gig economy is getting literal!

European-based delivery platform Gorillas has set up a record label to support its gig workers. Workers across the gig economy are made up of young people waiting for their big break, in recognizing this Gorillas has set up their own label with A&R to find talent. The future is in talent & people and they’re leading the way.

⏫  Gen Z wins on the Gay Agenda

A recent Gallup poll has shown that 21% of Gen Zers identify as LGBTQ+. In the same week, GLAAD found that the representation of LGBTQ+ individuals on TV is the highest its ever been.

⏫ Delta Airlines is flirting with Gen Z

Delta Airlines is on a bid to capture Gen Z travellers with their newly announced Buy Now, Pay Later offering. As travel gets moving with restrictions being lifted across the globe, Gen Z is ready, and with a cost of living and inflation kicking at our heels, we could do with a carefree holiday with an easy way to pay!

Truth Social is a no from Gen Z

Truth Social AKA Trump Social gets a rough start on its launch day this week. Limit on the amounts of people and a verification mess, it’s looking like a replay of Trump’s administration!

⏬ Salesforce wants in on NFTs, employees say no

CRM programme Salesforce wants to get its tentacles into the NFT space, but its employees are against it. In a move that would allow creators to mint their own NFTs and manage them on the platform, however, employees are firmly against it as it’s a space that’s full of scams at the moment. This shows the power of workers to shape their companies, we love to see it!

RIP Facebook Frames

Creators ability to make and create Facebook Frames have been binned, and you can blame anti-vaxxers. Facebook Frames that allow users to take a stand on issues by imposing a graphic on their profile picture has been hijacked. Gen Z used to use it to troll and find memes about it. RIP Facebook Frames.

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