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Week of Feb 28th

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⏫ Gen Z makes Empire State of TikTok

The Empire State Building has hired Gen Z content creators to make a right little splash on TikTok and it’s got our attention. The building’s account has gone from 60k followers last year to nearly 300k and has 10m video views. Gen Z just have the right sauce!

⏫  Iconic Spiderman meme IRL?!

If you haven’t seen this meme at least 3 times through the pandemic, you’ve been doing the internet wrong. As the latest Spiderman outing saw all three Spiderman actors unite on camera, it would’ve been a miss not to recreate the meme! Here it is in its glory

⏫ Gen Z fuelling memberships to…

Gym memberships have made a rebound over the last year with Gen Z is leading the charge. Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau says Gen Z memberships are higher than they were pre-pandemic and they’re powering the comeback.

Everyone’s talking nepotism baby…

‘Nepotism baby’ is a term given to famous people, particular actors or singers, with parents who are successful and/or famous, which may have given them an advantage in getting where they are. The term saw an increased usage when Gen Z realised that Lexi from Euphoria is the daughter of actors Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann. The shade of it all!

⏬ Gen Z says bye to Arthur

Long-running children’s cartoon Arthur sadly ended this week. The beloved Gen Z and Millennial cartoon has meme game for days and we’re sad to see him go. Bye you little Aardvark, see you in 10 years when your IP is inevitably squeezed for all its worth!

Life Imitates Sims, yes really!

A TikToker showed how the Sims is an imitation of life through a gender pay gap that they found while playing the game. Playing the computer simulator, they found that a male sim and a female sim with the same job title ended up with the female being paid less. Art is overrated, it’s the Sims that really imitates life!

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