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Week of March 7th

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⏫ Gen Z drives the Decade’s Most Tweeted Show

With the hit Gen Z show Euphoria coming to a close with the season finale this weekend, Twitter told us that it’s the most tweeted show of the decade. Driving the cultural conversation around it, Gen Z is making our faves come out on top with our meme references and style inspiration. Big praise!

⏫  OnlyFans’ second push for mainstream acceptance

OnlyFans, the site notorious for sex tapes and NSFW content, is setting up a Fashion Creators’ Fund to support new talent. The site is making another push to gain mainstream acceptance after its failed attempt to boot all adult content and sex workers off its platform last year. Could supporting talent like this give it a better shot at reshaping its image?

⏫ WAP Part 2 with Dolly Parton & Cher?!

This week, Dolly Parton was gushing with praise for Cardi B calling the rapper a ‘character’ and an ‘original’. The country star said she’d be willing to do anything TV, film or music-related with Ms B, and would even convince Cher to get involved. WAP Part 2.. We’re ready!

Florida Gen Z protest backwards anti-LGBT bill

The recent “Don’t Say Gay” bill endorsed by the Florida GOP throws us back to the dark days of the 80s with anti-gay propaganda and moral panic that’s not befitting of 2022. The bill would prohibit discussions around other orientations and identities other than the heteronormative ideal and at worst accuse school teachers that raise these topics of ‘grooming’. With a recent Gallup poll showing that 21% of Gen Zers identify as LGBTQ+, it’s our generation and those that come after us that would be impacted the most. See how you can support the efforts to push back against these draconian efforts here.

⏬ The long march of TikTok’s video length…

TikTok revealed that they’re intending to increase the maximum video length from 3 minutes to 10 minutes soon, after only increasing from 60-sec max to 3 mins only last year. As with all social media, constant change is the name of the game, but for a platform that is about bitesize content, we’re not entirely convinced that this will enhance the experience if not kept separate from the scroll up format. We’ll wait to see!

Euphoria star hides birthday out of Gen Z judgment

Breakout Euphoria star Angus Cloud told reporters this week that he is hiding information about his birthday to avoid being judged for his star sign… You can’t get more Gen Z than that?

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