This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of March 14th

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⏫ Which side are you on – wheels or doors?

TikTok discourse has been running wild with the debate about whether there are more wheels or doors in the world. There have been discussions in comment sections, in classrooms, in workplaces and it’s even migrated to other platforms like Twitter. So, are you #TeamWheels or #TeamDoors?

⏫  Gen Z is loving this music video

Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion came out with the video to their fun-filled collaboration – Sweetest Pie. The video is trippy and mind-blowing, and we just can’t get enough of it!

⏫ TikTok pushes further into this industry…

TikTok will be launching its very own music distribution platform soon. Having made and boosted the careers of several Gen Z artists and icons, the platform is looking to cement its space in the music industry. The platform called SoundOn will allow musicians and artists to upload their music and share it across platforms. They say that they’ll allow artists to keep their masters and will pay 100% royalties when their music is used on TikTok. For an industry where record execs are playing a shrinking role, TikTok really is giving power back to the artists.

No misinformation around Ukraine conflict for Gen Z

As the first major conflict in the social media age, the Ukraine-Russia situation has seen misinformation being spread to distort what is happening on the ground. Even internet savvy Gen Zers have been susceptible to this misinformation, so much so that the Biden Administration hired Gen Z influencers to create videos on TikTok to clarify its position and the dynamics they face to set the record straight. Some claimed this was propaganda, others called it a healthy dose of reality.

⏬ Kim K exposed after work ethic rant…

Kim Kardashian went on a rant this week in an interview when giving advice for women in business, saying that they should “get up and work”, claiming that it seems “nobody wants to work these days”. The outburst was met with derision on social media, and former interns exposed her practices of extracting their labour for years and underpaying them. Gen Z is over the pulling ourselves up with our bootstraps narrative, as while there’s a kernal of truth in it it’s largely a one-sided 2D way of thinking. Not everyone has the same 24 hrs or the same resources to achieve stratospheric levels of success – Jameela Jamil sums it up clearly.

This Gen Z loved platform keeps getting hacked

Discord is an easy messaging platform popular with Gen Z, each community created by an individual is called ‘server’ and gives groups the chance to interact in a simplistic group chat. However, due to its popularity and ease of access, the platform is prone to phishing scams and users are complaining that the company isn’t doing enough to protect their accounts. Get yourself together, Discord, we have too much trust in you!

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