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Week of March 21st

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⏫ Coffin talk trending?!

This macabre yet funny TikTok trend has been dominating For You Pages this week. As users revealed what they’d tell the significant people in their life if they were in their casket – from doing their make-up for them to asking their mum for a bit of money to go out. While Gen Z is often touted as a snowflake generation, it’s simply untrue… there are very few topics that escape Gen Z’s humor and meme-making hobbies, including death.

⏫  Gen Z star gets this accidental text!

Imagine this… You get a text from Mariah Carey wishing you ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ on St Patrick’s Day with a swift follow-up that it was an inside joke sent to the wrong Shawn. That’s what happened to Shawn Mendes this week! The Obsessed hitmaker shared it to her Twitter and we lol-ed.

⏫ Getting Taco Bell over groceries…

A Gen Zer this week shared how buying burritos every day from Taco Bell is working out cheaper than buying groceries. With her $1.11 burrito in her hand, she made the case for eating burritos every day and avoiding cooking. Did Taco Bell respond? The brand got into the conversation in the comments – apparently “pouring sauce on a burrito is kinda like cooking”. Facts are facts, I suppose!

Gen Z icon on their teenage nose job

This week, Bella Hadid spoke about her regret of getting a nose job when she was just a teen. The model, who has Palestinian heritage, felt pressured into the Eurocentric beauty standards that are prevalent in the industry she works in, but also felt the influence from her mother Yolanda Hadid, a Dutch-American model. Gen Z is mad for her too and has certainly cast her parents as the villains for letting her get a rhinoplasty at 14.

⏬ Pinkwashing starts before Pride month!

Disney has been facing backlash for their apparent silence on Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill. In response to this, they re-added a same-sex kiss scene in their animated film, Lightyear, that was originally cut and now they’ve been accused of pinkwashing. Why is this significant? Disney donated to many politicians who supported the bill and their silence was deafening. With this move, they’ve not won many graces as many saw this as a hollow attempt to curry favor rather than take meaningful action. Gen Zers in Florida and across the country have stood up in opposition to the bill vocally and strongly, and the opposition is spreading. ESPN announcers protested the bill too this weekend.

Where does take you?

The world’s historic internet troll and owner of the domain, Brian Connelly, has decided to poke at Putin’s machismo image by redirecting the ‘’ domain to Putin’s Wikipedia page. This may not solve world peace or turn the conflict but it will bring some trolling to the proceedings.

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