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Week of March 28th

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⏫ Forget the slap, this Oscars made history…

While everybody may be talking about that slap at the Oscars, we’re focusing on the news that’s getting missed… This year’s Oscars saw the most diverse range of award recipients to date – from Gen Z faves winning like Encanto to the first deaf actor to win an award. Last year, we wrote about how far the #OscarsSoWhite campaign came since its inception in 2015 by April Reign, now we’re seeing more fruits as the Academy worked to make itself more inclusive.

⏫  The cultural collab we didn’t see coming

At the end of last year, TikToker Francis Bourgeois went viral for his trainspotting videos, like mega viral! The meme worthiness of the video paired with his joy, authenticity and wholesomeness made Gen Z go crazy for him. With a Gucci collab under his belt, his popularity is now being leveraged by record companies – he was lucky enough to ‘bump’ into Rosalia at London’s Kings Cross station. Going from an unknown trainspotter, a vocation associated with awkwardness, to the superstardom that TikTok offers at 2.3m followers, Gen Z is making unique people our stars and we love it.

⏫ Gen Z’s Downton Abbey is back!

Downton Abbey might’ve been the period drama that Millennials obsessed over, but Gen Z is crazy for Bridgerton in a way that period dramas didn’t chime previously. The unique take on the famously romantic Recency periods has caught our attention. Thankfully, Bridgerton has now been renewed for its third and fourth seasons – we can’t wait to see it!

SHEIN faces ‘blackfishing’ allegations

Popular Gen Z fashion brand SHEIN was called out for a model that was ‘blackfishing’ – a white person altering their look, often through tanning or photo editing, to appear as a Black person – on a product image. Exposed on TikTok, the model’s hand wasn’t edited properly and showed a different skin tone to the body. Users were shocked saying they should just hire Black models rather than edit. The brand responded by saying that this photo was provided by a supplier and took the image off the site. Do better!

⏬ Not another social media platform?!

Elon Musk often uses Twitter as a conversation space and has a penchant for polls. This week, he did a poll to see how many people believed that Twitter was committed to ‘free speech’. The poll saw 2m people take part – engagement on levels of brands’ wildest dreams – with the result being 2 in 3 people disagreeing. The entrepreneur indicated he’d be looking to do something soon…

Doja Cat is ending her career…

Doja Cat has had a tough week. After a festival appearance in Paraguay was canceled due to flooding, the star received a lot of criticism for not reaching out to fans instead apologizing to Brazilian fans for a different festival performance she didn’t think was ‘good enough’. She claimed she was quitting music and leaving the industry altogether, but her Twitter feed indicates the star is simply taking a break. Get rested, we’ll see you soon Doja!

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