This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of April 4th

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⏫ The most ideal Gen Z work sitch

Ever thought about going freelance but worried about job security? Brand new job platform SpliZing is working to give employees more freedom by allowing two employers to share an employee. Gen Z is the generation most open to freelancing but as one that’s coming of age during two economic crises, job security is also a big priority. This app is finding a way to kill two birds with one stone!

⏫  Wanna smell the metaverse?

The Metaverse is still coming, and it’s going to smell so good! OVR Technology has created a product that will allow metaverse explorers to attach a nose clip that will give them the ability to smell what happens in the virtual sphere.

Trans Day of Visibility – bigger than ever!

Trans Day of Visibility was this week on March 31st. The hashtag trended on Twitter and TikTok paid homage by hosting a live event. Gen Z shows the highest support for trans rights, we’re proud of our support and we’re happy to show it!

 Meta trying to make TikTok look bad?!

The Washington Post revealed this week that Meta (also Facebook) employed a GOP adjacent organization to smear and spread information about TikTok. It’s not shocking for the platform that’s become synonymous with shady tactics and dwindling trust – and this is definitely not going to help with its own reputation.

Twitch new feature sees porn promo!

Twitch implemented a new paid boost feature allowing streamers to pay to have their streams featured as home page recommendations. Mad with the change that gave power to those able to afford the promotion over everyday streamers, Twitchers decided to troll the platform by promoting porn through the feature. Safe to say it didn’t last long!

Seen this common spam comment?

The words ‘crop’ and ‘story time’ keep coming up in TikTok comments sections – users are spamming the platform with this for no particular reason.

Bonus Trends

Unofficial Bridgerton musical wins Grammy – the Gen Z crowdsourced musical that gained traction through TikTok ended up winning a musical Grammy beating seasoned professionals. Lizzo has announced her own range of shapewear – the body-positive popstar has finally revealed what she was teasing about over the past few weeks, they look amazing. ‘What’s your favorite curse word? is a trending sound on TikTok – Miranda Cosgrove (AKA iCarly) laughed about her fave curse word on a podcast, how does she still sound so wholesome?

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