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Week of April 11th

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⏫ WaPo influenced by Gen Z!

The Washington Post is growing out its wellbeing section by hiring a 20-strong editorial team. The iconic newsbrand is seeing headwinds to focus its efforts on talking about wellbeing, particularly in an authoritative setting after seeing high levels of engagement with younger audiences and discussions with them. It’s Gen Z’s impact baby!

⏫  TikTok’s first Broadway musical…

After TikTok creators won a Grammy for their crowd-created musical ‘The Unofficial Bridgeton Musical’ last week, there’s a new TikTok musical going straight to Broadway, aptly named ‘For You, Paige’. It’s starting a limited run from this week and is being funded by TikTok. This is the future of crowd creation.

Picture-editing influencers banned

Renowned agency Ogilvy has decided in a significant move that they will no longer hire influencers who digitally retouch their faces or bodies on their social media profile. The move comes as a Bill is stalled in the UK Parliament where it’s proposed that social platforms should be required to label digitally altered images, and Ogilvy hopes that their position as a leading organization in the influencer will help get it passed. Hear more from Rahul Titus the guy behind the decision here

 Beauty filter is canceled!

In other creation news, the Beauty filter on TikTok is officially canceled. A whole host of celebrities, from Charli D’Amelio to Ashley Tisdale, are putting on the filter then showing their natural faces. Au Natural is the new filtered.

Biden 💔 Gen Z

As we gear fast towards the midterms in November, the biggest beneficiaries of Gen Z’s votes – the Democrats – are seeing cratering support. Gen Z have been the king-makers in both the 2018 and 2020 election, where young people’s voting trends spiked. Joe Biden saw incredible levels of support amongst Gen Z when he was first elected but having failed to push in favor of what we wanted to see, his support has dropped. Alarm bells are ringing, and it’s yet to be seen if they can regain that support.

Etsy sellers are on strike…

Etsy sellers have decided to stand up and strike by shutting down their stores through this week. The 5,000 strong strikers are pushing back against the platforms planned 30% rise in platform fees and other issues that have been killing the independent selling vibe of Etsy. They’ve made their demands clear on this website. After a branch of Amazon workers unionized for the first time last week, the people reliant on tech platforms are taking affirming steps to ensure their voices are heard – these tech-people power relationship is well-overdue a rebalancing!

Bonus Trends

♦ Disney exec Karey Burke told her team in a company wide meeting that it needed to create more LGBTQ+ content as her Gen Z son told her to ‘get with it’, she said Gen Z is the most ‘queerest’ generation yet ♦ Snapchat has launched a filter that enables users to learn American Sign Language, using AR it teaches Snapchat users to fingerspell and get to know signs of common words, the future can accessible if we work towards it ♦  Twitter finally announced its ‘Edit’ button. After years of asking, it’s finally giving in ♦ Get your skincare from your local barista? This Dutch company is using coffee grounds to turn it into skincare ingredients – the circular economy is here to stay.

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