This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of April 18th

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⬆   Gen Z’s Google not the same as yours

A viral tweet of a Gen Zers saying that TikTok is their Google has gained more than 125k retweets and likes. As our go-to social media app, TikTok doesn’t just take space in our minds as an app for entertainment but for inspiration and information as well.  

⬆   YouTube gives creators a hack

As the OG video platform looks to get an edge over its competitors, YouTube’s new Search Insights gives the opportunity to video creators to have sight of what their viewers are looking for. Almost like a cheat button, they can then tailor their topics and content to what audiences wants to see. More tailored video content = more time on YouTube, it’s a win-win!

⬆   Gen Z gaming giant gets $$$

Both Sony and the Lego Group gave Fortnite’s parent company, Epic Games, a combined investment of $1 billion. The investment allows all three to strengthen their hand in the virtual world, particularly as the Lego Group has contracted Fortnite to build their children’s metaverse. Corporations are racing to get in that direction – but we’re still wondering… will future generations adopt it as much as corporations want?

⬇   Say bye to push notifications 

As we move to a world where we amend technology to fit our mental health needs, from incorporating Screen time statistics to dark mode on phones, it’s clear there’s a demand for it. Google is now developing new ways to deliver notifications through a project called ‘Little Signals’ focusing on pushing ‘ambient computing’. Think softer attention tapping rather than pinging disruption – we welcome it!

⬇   Spending $$$ money on SHEIN

A whole debate on Twitter happened this week about how much Gen Zers are spending on fast fashion – it all started with a tweet that declared that if people spend $700 on unsustainable fast fashion brands like SHEIN then they should just buy quality clothes. People had their thoughts – check them out here.

⬇   This the next Fyre Festival?

Fashion brand Revolve held their music festival this weekend. The event hosted celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Halsey, but for regular influencers, it was more like a rehash of Fyre Festival. They were stranded waiting for shuttles and food in the blistering heat as chaos raged and TikTokers documented the experience. Here’s to a new Netflix documentary!

Bonus Trends

♦ With festival season now raging on ahead, Tinder has revealed its new feature to find people to dance your heart out to in advance of the big days – we love to see it ♦ Krispy Kreme has announced a new offer where they will tie the price of their famous dozen to the price of a gallon of gas each Wednesday until May 4 – a treat while times are hard 🙂

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