This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of April 26th

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New polls shows Gen Z hope has soared…

A new Harvard Youth poll shows a 24% rise in Gen Z’s feelings of hope since 2017 – the biggest jump was amongst Black Gen Zers who went from 18% to 72%. The poll revealed Gen Z’s high faith in the Biden administration and their belief it’ll make them better off.

The Battle of the Joshes finally happened – the cutest Josh won!

Bored Gen Zer Josh Swain started this infamous meme when in lockdown boredom, he made a group chat of random people with the same name. He challenged them to a duel for a year later, and it happened! The winner was… 4-year-old Josh Vinson!

⏫ TikTok isn’t just for dances… it’s for this, too.

R&B icon Kehlani came out as a lesbian in TikTok video this week – yay!

Backlash over Hype House’s new Netflix show.

Netflix announced an unscripted series starring TikTok’s Hype House collective. Many Gen Zers were excited, while others threatened to cancel their subs due to the show’s problematic stars.

⏬ Chadwick Boseman as an NFT? Um, no.

An NFT was created in Boseman’s likeness by an artist for the Oscars, who is now selling the art for millions… people smell opportunism and disrespect, and it’s just not cute!

No ‘Keeping Up’ in the California governor’s mansion!

Caitlyn Jenner has announced that she’ll be running in California’s Gubernatorial recall election… but the Kardashians/Jenners have already said you won’t be able to Keep Up with them on the campaign trail!

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