This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of April 18th

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⬆   JUV featured in Newsweek!

JUV was featured on Newsweek this week for a TikTok video we made that went viral, we shared a snapshot of our creatively named meeting titles and people we obsessed – we love to see it! Read the article here & peep the video here.

⬆   Lol @ Lorde ‘shush’ meme

A 2017 video showing pop singer Lorde shushing fans who were singing during an acapella rendition of her song ‘Writer in the Dark’ was meme’d this week, with people laughing at the singer’s expression and seriousness. The Royals hitmaker found time to laugh at it and even shared it on her story.

⬆   Twitter news that really matters…

Twitter’s story arc in the news cycle came to an end this week after Elon Musk’s bid to buy the platform was successfully accepted, bringing an end to the will-he, won’t-he saga. What this means for content moderation is yet to be seen. However, the more commendable news was that Twitter announced it will ban any ads that contradict the scientific consensus on climate change. Whether it will stay for long is yet to be seen, but this action is welcome.

⬇   End of the Streaming Dream 

Netflix’s stock dropped like a rock this last week after the pioneering streaming service saw a loss of subscribers for the first time in 10 years. Despite recent successes, like Gen Z fave Bridgerton, the streaming service is struggling to see where it goes next. Video viewing is shapeshifting at the moment with broadcast media not having the best time either – CNN shuttered its CNN+ service this week. The streaming dream wasn’t meant to last forever – how the platform innovates, or whether it does, is yet to be seen.

⬇   Stop busting unions!

After the first group of Amazon workers won their right to unionize, there’s more uniting on the cards. But corporations aren’t happy. Starbucks is the latest company to hire ‘crisis experts’ AKA union busters to manage the shift in workers taking back their cause and fighting for better rights. Gen Z is a cohort that sees the benefit of unionizing, so our message to companies is to stop fighting it because we will fight back!

⬇   Stan Accounts – dead?

With Twitter news running riot, there are rumors about whether Elon Musk will ban Stan Accounts. Stan Accounts are the running blood of Twitter discourse, they are accounts dedicated to celebrities and always have the most to say. The source of this rumor is flimsy but it really demonstrates Gen Z’s first questions about the Twitter takeover news, we do have intelligent responses about the questions over oligarchies and billionaire ownership, but that’s not before we know whether the tea is secured.

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