This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of May 9th

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⬆   Blokecore defining men’s fashion in 2022

Blokecore is TikTok’s latest look, but this time it’s for blokes only. A total British import, ‘bloke’ is a slang term for a man but a very specific type of man – think someone that wears soccer t-shirts and trackpants, listens to Britpop and swigs beers in parks as a past-time. A throwback to the 90s, it’s ‘indie sleaze’ for men. Need visual references? See here..

⬆   “Cheque out my tweet” – future tweeters

With Twitter transferring to Elon Musk’s hands, there are rumors that he’ll introduce a new feature to allow users to pay tweeters directly through their tweets. Twitter is famed for being where the discourse really is at – paying creators for their cognitive creations in the past has been a cumbersome process, but this would make it seamless and so easy. Exhibit 2391 that the future is in the creator economy.

⬆   Food corp acting fast on recycling

Burger King announced its push to reduce the number of single-use plastics in its packaging and cartons – from using recyclable paperboard for their Frypods to plant-based straws, we’re giving it the thumbs up. They’re still piloting it in key restaurants but if they succeed in being the fast-food leader in sustainability, they could topple Chick-fil-A as Gen Z’s fave restaurant. 

⬇   Kim K slated for dietary boast

Unless you’ve muted any mention of Kim Kardashian on social media, you will have found it hard to avoid news about Kim K fitting herself into the Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress that she sung to the president in. It came out that the reality star went on an extreme diet to lose 16 pounds in a matter of weeks, triggering tone-deaf eating disorderr criticisms. She was called out by Riverdale star Lili Reinhart among others on the internet. Not cute!

⬇   Gen Z music icon taking the L

Jack Harlow has a new song on his album called ‘Dua Lipa’ and revealed that he ran it past the superstar singer before publishing it. Her frosty response? “Oh, I mean it’s not my song. I suppose it’s OK”. The Gen Z rapper should’ve read between the lines, ouch!

⬇   Jeopardy streak ends for Gen Zer

Gen Zer Mattea Roach has been on a winning streak on Jeopardy until this week. Sadly, the contestant lost her 23 game streak, but on the bright side is now placed 5th of all-time rankings for top earners on the show. Win some, lose some!

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