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Week of May 29th

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⬆  Viral British Chip shop goes international

An obscure British Fish & Chip shop went viral and welcomed visitors nationally and from across the globe. How did it happen? A simple video with a catchy tune. From the first impression, the food is pretty average, but this is what sums up Gen Z’s taste for culture on TikTok – that even a simple chip shop with a viral moment can make it big.

⬆   Meet this Gucci gang on Roblox

Gucci has entered the metaverse chat. The luxury brand has jumped into the metaverse by building its presence on the Gen Z gaming platform, Roblox, where it wants to be at the forefront of our new virtual reality. Visitors to Gucci Town can take part in Gucci-branded competitions, use Gucci’s creator space and even access the Gucci digital store on their platform. It’s a multi-level commerce experience, and we’ll be looking for our gang there!

⬆   Company ties employees to ESG goals

Back in 2021, finance giant Mastercard tied executive bonuses to its ESG goals of carbon neutrality, financial inclusion and gender pay parity. They’ve pushed the boat out further where all 24,000+ employees will be expected, where they can, to work towards these goals, and their work performance bonuses will depend on it. We like it – empowering employees to work towards purpose is what Gen Z loves to see, but the details will show whether it’s a fair idea or simply passing the buck onto lower-level employees with less power to change?

⬇   Popstar talks Depp vs Heard trial, it’s not cute

Gen Z pop icon Dominic Fike vocalized some thoughts on the Depp vs Heard court case, and really he should’ve kept them to himself. The musician called Amber Heard ‘hot’ and said he’d let her beat him up after Heard admitted during the trial that she hit Depp during their marriage. Glorifying violence is just not the one!

⬇   Pinkwashing merch is here & it’s ugly

As Pride month makes a ‘fabulous’ return, the corporate pinkwashing is triumphantly making a comeback. Walmart released its 2022 Pride range this with shirts that say ‘Live Love LGBT’ and others that say ‘Lez is More’, we’re cringing hard and hate to see it. The company faces accusations of pinkwashing for real as they continue to donate money to anti-abortion groups and PACs that have supported the ‘Big Lie’ – it’s disgusting & disappointing to see. We spoke about how brands should authentically engage with Pride here.

⬇   Gen Z singer calls out crowd at show

Camila Cabello performed ahead of kick-off at the European Champion’s League final on Sunday, however, the star was drowned out by team supporters singing and talking through her performance. She took to social media to express her dismay. European sports & half time entertainment culture simply don’t mix it seems!

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