This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of June 20th

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⬆  Gen Z icon switches lyrics after backlash

Lizzo released a song this past week called ‘Grrrls’ which included an ableist slur. Shortly after it was raised, the star re-released the song replacing it with a more appropriate yet still fun word. This is how you respond to criticism on social media – take notes people!

⬆   Beyonce rejects capitalism like Gen Z?!

Bey dropped her new single ‘Break My Soul’ last night and we’re obsessed already. The track is a throwback to 90s dance vibes with a catchy tune & rhythm, and definitely has the song of the summer potential. Surprisingly, it also has a very clean-cut anti-capitalist theme that we’re all over. Beyonce is really telling us to quit our jobs in this economy, and we might just do it!

⬆   Nascar celebrates Pride with an apology

Nascar has come out as a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. While many corporations are rolling back their superficial support for Pride, which was often criticized as ‘pink-washing’ – notice the lack of rainbow logos on many social media profiles – Nascar is has voiced its support and released some nice-looking merch as well tbf. The reception to this across social media was mixed, but for an organization that has historically been the domain of ultra-masculinity, their support matters. Meanwhile, the President apologised for their historic lack of inclusivity – “generally, we as a sport haven’t been as welcoming and inclusive to the LGBTQ community. And we want to be.” If this is a new dawn for sport, then we welcome it.

⬇   Nerf’s new mascot has the internet scared

In 2022, Nerf has decided that it wants to bring to life one of the most terrifying mascots we’ve ever seen. The faceless creature made from the foam of Nerf bullets looks more like a screaming creature from Monsters Inc than anything we’d describe as “ageless, unbridled fun” – their latest creative platform. Who knows… maybe it’ll grow on us!

⬇   Y2K return couldn’t save this icon

Despite the triumphant return of many Y2K trends & cultural references, there’s one that just couldn’t be saved. Windows’ Internet Explorer is now officially dead. RIP friend, you gave us some good times even though we got frustrated with you every time you froze when we opened a new window.

⬇   Heartbroken @ Gen Z band split…

Korean super-group BTS is taking a hiatus. As much as we’re sad that we won’t get new music from them, we’re in total support of them & truly excited to see what they’re going to get up to while they take a break. Gen Z will always be ready for a BTS comeback!

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