⬆ Parents have been pranking their kids on TikTok, and the videos have gone hilariously viral. The videos often start off with parents asking their children to get ready to fight against someone who’s squared up to them. Their responses ranged from saying they’ll stand up for themselves to cute little sad faces. Was it totally appropriate? No, but the content chimed.

⬆ Understanding emojis can sometimes be intuitive but other times they can be hard to crack. No-one is more notorious at choosing emojis that need a bit of explanation than Gen Z. So to clear this up, Gen Zers have been tweeting out “If I send you this emoji…” then explaining what it’s all about. What does this emoji 😵‍💫 mean? Check it out here!

⬆ Twitter is introducing a new ‘co-tweeting’ feature, where two accounts can send out a tweet together. While it may not have as many uses for personal accounts, it may be where brand tweets and collars really come into their own. Forget tagging brands, just add them directly to the tweet!

⬇ DoorDash experienced a glitch this week that allowed people to order without verifying payment, this allows hundreds of people get a range of items for free including food and sanitary products. DoorDash responded by saying that they’ll work to ensure that merchants receive payments for their products and apologized. We wonder – could there have been a more fun way of responding?

⬇ Doja Cat was exposed for sliding into some DMs this week. The rapper messaged Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp to ask whether he could get his ST co-star Joseph Quinn to DM her. Schnapp shared the screenshot on his TikTok, and Doja was mad. People raised the fact that she was messaging a 17 year old when she could’ve done it herself. She did have the final word.

⬇ Ok, we’re being a bit dramatic, but Wendy Williams’ YouTube archive has been taken off the site. The presenter’s show recently ended due to health issues, but we didn’t expect this to happen. The meme quality that comes from Williams is second to none – the Library of Congress really does need to step in.

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