This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of May 3rd

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Gen Z bringing the runway at the Met Gala!

3 out of 4 Met Gala 2021 co-hosts are Gen Z… it’s our runway and we’re owning it!

The iPhone camera hack everyone’s talking about…

This camera trick that gives photos that nostalgic sunset tint has gone viral – it’s magical.

⏫ Sailor Moon film is coming to Netflix and Z can’t wait!

Anime TikTok is hyped now that we won’t need to pirate a copy – Sailor Moon in 4K Ultra HD here we come!

Viral TikTok exposes sneaker resellers (…and Nike too?!)

TikToker @notlewy, who has Arthrogryposis, blasted resellers jacking up the price of these hands-free sneakers that had accessibility features. Some people were mad at Nike for allowing this to happen too.

⏬ Face masks have us talking to celebrities with knowing it.

Adam Sandler dropped by this iHOP with a mask on and the actor left after being told it would be a 30 minute wait. All the while this server didn’t have a clue!

The CIA is trying to make ‘woke’ happen and we don’t like it.

The CIA is brandishing its ‘woke-ish’ credentials with a follow-up video after their rebrand earlier this year – you just have to see the replies to the tweet to see how it’s gone down.

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