This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of May 10th

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Do you know Gen Z’s new drink obsession?

Bye Dalgona, Chlorophyll water is the trendiest Gen Z drink. The drink has many benefits, including glowy skin, so we’re all over it!

Will Smith screams body positivity with his new figure

A photo of Will Smith’s lockdown figure has gone viral – he ‘loves it’ –  but as we’re returning to the world, he’s teaming up with YouTube to get his health back on track. We’re joining in.

⏫ Catsh*t insane… Carol Baskin has a new what?!

Jumping on the $DOGE coin hype, Carol Baskin has created her own alt-coin and named it $CAT… This is some simulation we’re living in.

Gates’ divorce is sad… but the memes are just too much!

The memes have spoken – that’s all!

⏬ The Gen X celebs caught talking to Gen Z teens

This Gen Zer shared a TikTok video speaking about how Matthew Perry messaged her when she was 19. She felt ‘uncomfortable’ knowing he was the same age as her dad. She’s since been kicked off Raya, the exclusive app that they matched on.

NRA tweets for Mother’s Day and gets ratio’d

The NRA tweeted about mothers and daughter using guns on Mothers’ Day, not long after a murder-suicide took place. The disgusted replies received thousands more likes than the shameful tweet itself.

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