This Week in Hot Gen Z Trends

Week of May 17th

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The A24 meme keeping the internet running

Someone made a viral meme ranking all the A24 (indie film house) actors on whether they’d be able to win them in a fight, and there were some hilarious responses from the stars!

The new Gen Z pop girl racking up the views!

Bella Poarch is the princess ruling the pop waves right now. The TikTok famous star has tallied up nearly 50m views on her debut single, Build a Bitch, in 3 days!

⏫ Free counselling helpline created in this Gen Z musician’s memory

The mother of late Gen Z rapper Juice WRLD has partnered with Crisis Text Line to bring a free mental health and counselling helpline for people struggling with their wellbeing.

Stop trying to make ‘Cheugy’ happen!

‘Cheugy’ is a word ascribed to Gen Z over the last week, but even we’re googling what it means! It’s taken to mean ‘being behind on trends’ but it seems the person writing about it isn’t looped into the Screenshot as it isn’t even Gen Z slang!

⏬ K-pop band BTS cancel outdated masculinity

BTS slammed toxic masculinity in their latest interview by pushing out ideas of outdated masculinity in favor of modern ideals of freeing individual expression. We stan!

The Gen Z Destiny’s Children we missed out on…

Gen Z icon H.E.R. recently shattered our hearts by telling us that the dream of having a super pop group with her (a pun – yay!), Kehlani and Zendaya nearly happened… I don’t know what to do with this information!

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